Smashing Your Glass Ceiling

Do you want to …

  • Discover Your Hidden Talents – To Thrive and Play a Bigger Game.
  • Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs – To Break Free and Personally Grow Exponentially.
  • Enhance the Feminine Leader Within to Confidently Communicate and Strengthen Your Powerful Presence.
  • Restore Your Natural Vibrancy – to Boldly Live Your Life and Create Your Future.
  • Live Life Balanced, Present, and Stress Free.

After absorbing Sandra’s personal development strategies in Smashing Your Glass Ceiling, you can become energized, excited, and able to make profound changes, both personally and professionally. Sandra helps you by putting her proven strategies together in “Smashing Your Glass Ceiling: 8 Steps To Free Yourself & Be Yourself.”

In the book, she reveals:

  • Specifics on how to control your mind to create the desired outcome – no matter the current circumstance at hand.
  • How to apply this 7-level alignment technique and this almost immediately stops procrastination and creates new passion, more energy, and unending drive.
  • How to completely eliminate an unwanted behaviour and harness the power to take charge of your life 3 powerful strategies to operate at optimum performance – even if you are having a bad day at work.
  • Two clues to notice that will instantly give you added leverage to influence the person to whom you are talking Eliminate fear, meet challenges head on, face setbacks, and experience fun all at the same time when you use this simple method.
  • And so much more…

Her straightforward approach to personal development helps women actually penetrate the invisible force that prevents women from rising further and reaching higher fulfilment in every area of their life.

“This book represents a ‘must read’ for women from all walks of life, who have ever questioned their meaning in life, and craved for the help to make changes for the better. It’s all here … in one book, all the tools you need to smash the glass ceiling, and reach your true potential!”
Tina Tilmouth, Author, Teacher and Therapist
– Powys

“This book takes you on an incredible journey of self-discovery. As an ex Business Director I wish this book had been written 10 years ago, to have helped me clarify in a clear and practical way, each step to take in getting to the top!”
Karen Francis, Mind and Behavioural Expert
– Surrey


“Smashing Your Glass Ceiling: 8 Steps to Free Yourself and Be Yourself by Sandra Westland is intended to help you become inspired as a woman, fully knowing that you are extraordinary and can achieve business success if you open up to your uniqueness and fully understand the depths you have within. In exploring and uncovering you and how you are in the world through a variety of techniques and exercises and aligning yourself to just what you are really about, your vision can become truly alive and your ceiling smashed.

This book will get you desiring to move forwards in your life, encourage you to challenge your beliefs, understand your values, find your passions and guide your life into the future of extraordinary business success, ultimately learning to be all that you can be.

In this book:

  • You will creatively ignite the inner change process.
  • You will get to know your unconscious prejudices about women and men and how you really feel being a woman.
  • You will discover your unique inner world and how the alignment of yourself at all levels is the key to business success.
  • You will connect with your inner passions, unite with your potential and know that in formulating your future within, you can easily and naturally make things happen.
  • You will learn the power of your mind and just how to use it for immediate changes when things don’t go to plan.
  • You will smash the glass that is preventing you from the success you deserve.

You owe it to yourself to give this unique programme the chance to make a difference to your life and to smash your glass ceiling. Why not become one of the many people who have completed this programme with Sandra and who have reaped the benefits of exploring themselves in this way to become successful women in business?”

Raymond Aaron
NY Times bestselling Author